Repatriatsiya: video III
(installation here)

Virtual Icelandic Souvenirs

This video was made of “virtual Icelandic souvenirs — a photo, audio and 3D scans that I made during the trip in Iceland. He made some scans of driftwood and old household items made from driftwoods in local museums. Video footages from the Yenisei river in Russia are projected onto those 3D scans in the video from time to time, as the majority of driftwoods in Iceland came from the Yenisei river, according to dendrochronologists.

I also scanned typical Icelandic objects — a stuffed puffin and a whale’s bone. The replica of Ufsakristur, the oldest existing icon of Christ in Iceland, was also scanned and put in the video, but a museum’s director said that the icon should be made form Icelandic birch, though formal research had not been conducted. Thus, the footages from the Yenisei were not projected on the surface of this sacred object in the video. I also scanned typical Icelandic stuff like whale bones and puffins, put all the materials together and made this virtual souvenir shelf.