Kyrgyzstan in May…

Coming to Kyrgyzstan in May, it seemed peaceful, and I thought everything would be fine after the revolution. So, I was traveling around to find some story ideas. Then, some minor clashes happened in the south in May. Took some pictures there. Again, it calmed down, so I was going to work on some projects. Then, the huge clashes broke in Osh and Jalalabad. And, everything went crazy. The perception on Kyrgyzstan changed internationally and for myself. I’m sort of starting from scratch again… These are the pictures taken after the revolution and before the June clashes. 

mountains in Chatkal, Jalalabad oblast June 2010


Pictures of the victims of the revolution on April 7 hang in front of the white house in Bishkek in May 2010


Meshhetian Turk's community near Bishke was attacked in late April after the revolution


A veteran photographed in the government building in Osh


Ousted former president Krumanbek Bakiev's second house near Jalalabad turned a park for locals.


Sanatorium in Jalalabad


Empty vodka bottles in the yard of a house in Jalalabad




dam 2


yurta in Chatkal


shepherd couple in Chatkal


Shepherd's son


butchers in Mailuu-suu


Bakiev's house burning in Jalalabad


remain of a barricade in Jalalabad - it was in May


Victim of clashes in Jalalabad in May


Young miner in Jalalabad oblast




after a school graduation ceremony in Jalalabad


Pigeons in Bishkek in May. Unfortunately, peace could not be achieved in the country later.

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