Astana – The City of Future. 

Located in the north-central Kazakhstan, Astana became the country’s new capital in 1998. Since then, the oil rich country has been investing in a number of construction projects around the city. The government led by the country’s first president Nursultan Nazarbayev hired renowned foreign  architects such as Kisho Kurokawa and Norman Foster for the redesigning of the new capital, and Astana’s past city planner wanted to build a “Berlin” in an Eurasian style.  In the in the past years, many gleaming buildings have been spring up in the city while constructions still continue.  Yet, the city’s population has not reached 1 million, and the city still appears a little empty at first glance. However, the prosperous city has been attracting a number of new comers in and outside of Kazakhstan and is expected to have further growth in its population.  In his speech on the 10th anniversary of Astana on July 5,  2008, President Nazarbayev called Astana,  “the symbol of hope and certainty in the future of all our citizens.”  The series of photographs show the landscape of this gleaming, unique, blooming capital of Kazakhstan. 

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